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Finally had some time to take pics of our plant project.

Succulent + Cacti, lovingly arranged by hand and accented with Italian sea glass + terra cotta from the Amalfi Coast.

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why did the semen cross the road? 

i wore the wrong the socks


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When he gets in the tub, sometimes he purrs so loud that the shampoo bottles fall over.

True power

This isn’t even my final form

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but what do I know i’m drunk

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the more and more you distance yourself from me, and the greater chance I feel that we will never talk again, the madder at myself i become for not taking more time when there was time to know you more and to be what you wanted me to be. There was a time when I felt compulsion to love and was scared of the prospect of living life without it but now I see that it is unnecessary nomatter how fulfilling. I as an average/below average looking person with no desirable traits managed years of your consistent love and for that reason alone I can not be unhappy with the consequences, that is (of course) the circumstances of which I now write this note. Alone.

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It is easier to be oppressed than it is to be dominant. It is easier to be sad than it is to be happy. It is easier to be angry than it is to get something done.

But really are you doing anything to put yourself in a better position or are you taking the easy way out?

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collaboration with jack moss

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"I’m breaking up with you."


"I’m breaking up with you."

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